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The second half of the year 2008 witnessed the start of a downward trend in the global shipping market. With the unexpected halt of the demand which had brought about tremendous power for the boom of the shipping market, the market freight rates slumped to the lowest level, passing on to ship repairing and building, shipping financing, port and other related industries through the value chains. Rarely seen in history are the rapid spread speed, the serious losses caused, the wide affected scope and the long-time duration of the depression.

The fact that we still cannot glimpse the dawn of the shipping market is enough to prove the shipping industry has fallen into an abyss not by coincidence but out of systematic drawbacks.

At the time of great difficulty, the government is making efforts to change the existing policy environment. The Ministry of Transport issued 20 Shipping Development Policies & Measures. The State Council approved the establishment of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. How should the new tax policy of “business tax changed into value-added-tax” be implemented so that enterprises can enjoy tangible benefits? How were shipping development plans formed by advanced shipping countries? Such questions are well worth our pondering and researching.

Enterprises need to survive and develop. How should the financing plan for the shipping industry be made? What is present situation of shipping financing lease? How should enterprises control risks by using freight derivatives? How can frictions be resolved through means like arbitration? And what characteristics will the development of shipping industry have in the future?


13:30-17:30 on November 28th (Thursday), 2013



Estimated attendance

500+ participants and 50+ media (based on experience of past three years)

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