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Participant Recommendation

Mining Groups, Iron and Steel Enterprises, Power Enterprises, Traders, Ship-owners, Shipping Agents, Ship Brokers, Ports, Terminals, Freight Forwarders, Government Agencies, Classification Societies, Accreditation Organs, Industry Associations, Maritime Safety Administrations, Maritime Schools, Research Institutions, Financial Fund Institutions, Consultancies, Law Firms, Marine Insurance Underwriters.


On Apr.4,2009, “State Council on Promoting Shanghai to Speed up the Development of Modern Service Industry and Advanced Manufacturing to Build an International Financial and Shipping Center opinion” was officially released by the State Council.(G.F.[19])

Since G.F. [19] was released, Shanghai international shipping center construction has stepped into rapid development stage with big promotion of port service capacity, primary formation of shipping elements system framework, markedly strengthening of port service function and gradually improvement of shipping development environment.…[read more

Key Noters(Listed in no particular order)

  • Richard A. Lidinsky Jr. FMC Chairman
  • Zhang YeSSE President
  • Claude LEBELSenior CMA CGM ASIA
  • Yang XianxiangSITC’s IMD and CEO
  • Chen QiangRongsheng Chairman of Board
  • Ying XinlongPresident of Shanghai Maritime Court
  • Ma ShuoWMU Vice President
Shanghai International Shipping Center Municipal Promotion Office Shanghai Hongkou District People’ s Government